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Freeze drying the people ahead of him in line at Starbucks just isn’t enough for Gru. It was the perfect color, but unfortunately it wasn’t soft and stretchy enough like a regular jersey or spandex fabric. If you decide to whip up some brown shirts and leggings for your costume, please do yourself a favor and make sure you buy a soft, comfy fabric with enough stretch.funny mens halloween costumes When I make tutus, I use bridal tulle because it softer and better quality than craft tulle, such as the tulle that is sold on 6 inch rolls at craft stores. The costumes at discount stores are notoriously poor quality and are bound to last no longer than the one Halloween costumes.

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Julia and Sophia had so much fun with these Halloween deer costumes — and I think I loved them even more than they did! For these deer costume tutus, I cut strips of tulle that were 8″ by 30″. I used a ton of tulle — probably about 4-6 yards of brown tulle and 2-3 yards of white tulle. For these tutus, I made simple no-sew knotted tulle tutus. For tutorials on how I make my animal ear headbands, check out this tutorial post and video for our DIY Cat Costume and this tutorial post and video on how to make simple no-sew animal ears.

I will update soon with a full tutorial on how to make a no-sew tutu — but there are a ton of different tutorials online. Those skilled with a make up brush were able to paint intricate designs on their faces, including replicating Natalie Portman’s character in Black Swan or a Mexican Day of the Dead skull face. halloween costumes Have one child hold on to the end of a ball of black yarn and toss the ball to another child on the opposite side of the circle. Have you ever made a tutu as a part of a costume? I think my favorite part of the costume is the fawn ears.

I sewed the outer deer ears together and slipped them over the wire ear forms, wrapping and gluing the bottom of the ears to the headband. I have made countless pairs of animal ear headbands over the years — but these deer ears top the list. Then I hot glued the fur for the inner ears to the outer ear. I bent crafting wire to make the shape of the ears and glued onto the headband. Next, I wrapped the brown tulle around the headband to cover the headband and the bottom of the ears and hot glued to secure in place.

I pinned the elastic at their waist measurement, put it on the back of a chair and began tying on the tulle strips, two pieces at a time. I measured the girls waist and cut elastic accordingly. Once I was finished tying on strips, the halloween store I did a final fitting on the girls and sewed the elastic together. From way back in Ancient Egypt comes the Cleopatra costume for girls that is turning out to be a popular girl costume idea. As I mentioned above, I sewed brown shirts and leggings for the girls to wear. So I had to remake the girls’ leggings because they were too small. I couldn’t find any brown long sleeved shirts or leggings, and I wanted the color of the leggings and the shirts to match, so I decided to make them myself. Did you make a no-sew tutu or did you use a sewing method to create your tutu?

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