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The former vice president’s surprising strength in the state stemmed from huge turnout from Black voters in Fulton County and other suburbs around Atlanta, fatigue with Trump in Georgia’s fast-growing suburbs — which have become increasingly young and diverse in recent years — and assiduous work over more than a decade to boost Democratic registration in the state. Trump and his campaign team have also sought to raise doubts about how Biden made a late surge to victory in the vital state of Wisconsin, where the Democrat rose on the strength of mail-in and early votes that were counted after most of the ballots cast in person on Election Day. The county will report additional votes twice a day until the count is complete, and Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria would not estimate how many more would be counted Friday. The campaign’s state-by-state approach revealed the glaring inconsistencies in its strategy: it appears to be trying to stop vote counts in states where Biden was once trailing, like Pennsylvania and Georgia, while demanding that all the votes are counted in states where it believes the President has a chance of catching up to Biden, like Arizona and Nevada.

If Biden holds leads in Arizona and Nevada, he will get to 270 electoral votes and become the next President, regardless of what happens in Pennsylvania and Georgia. In Arizona, several tranches of votes from Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, narrowed Biden’s lead to just less than 40,000 votes, mexico national team jersey with Trump’s team insisting the President will eventually prevail and keep his hopes of a path to 270 alive. But Schweich, of the Marijuana Policy Project, hopes voters’ decisions on Election Day will serve as a tipping point toward a national conversation. In 2012, LeBron James tweeted a picture of the Miami Heat team wearing hoodies, with their heads bowed in support of Trayvon Martin, a 17-year-old American whose killing was a national news story. Trump tweeted Thursday morning, even though taking such action at the time would have frozen the race and given an advantage to his opponent, and the fact that carrying out his demand would be akin to voter disenfranchisement, with tens of thousands of legally cast ballots still being counted. Utah Republican Sen. Mitt Romney tweeted Friday that Trump’s comments about a rigged election “damages the cause of freedom here and around the world,” going further than the rest of the Senate GOP conference, where some top Republicans have continued to defend Trump’s baseless claims of voter fraud.

Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP nominee, angered officials here when he suggested that they weren’t prepared for the upcoming Olympic games. The President spent months on the campaign trail, falsely blasting mail-in ballots as prone to fraud — one reason why GOP voters have proven far less likely to use them. On Friday afternoon, lawyers for Pennsylvania Republicans asked the US Supreme Court to order the state to not take any action on any mail-in ballots received after Election Day. Pennsylvania’s secretary of state had already ordered any ballots that arrive between Wednesday and Friday to be segregated from those that arrived by Election Day, pending ongoing litigation, so the state GOP’s request simply asked the court to enforce that action as well as order that “no action” is taken on the ballots. Trump said in the statement, inaccurately asserting that “illegal ballots” are being counted. The President also made ludicrous claims that his leads on election night shrunk because Democratic officials keep finding ballots, when in fact the counts have narrowed because election officials in many states counted the vote-by-mail ballots, which favored Democrats, after the Election Day votes, which tended to favor Republicans.

Trump’s team, seeking to keep his slim path to victory alive, has launched a flurry of sometimes contradictory and scattershot legal challenges, without offering evidence of irregularities, demanding vote counts continue in states where he is behind and wanting them shut down in those where he leads. But a Trump adviser told CNN’s Jim Acosta that Biden’s growing momentum in the commonwealth is causing increasing worry in the campaign, conceding the margin would be “tight.” The adviser stressed Trump’s future is riding on Pennsylvania. Trump cannot find a route to 270 electoral votes without Georgia and Pennsylvania, so his chances of securing reelection will hinge on developments in those two states in the coming days. Nebraska and Maine award two electoral votes to their statewide winners and divide their other electoral votes by congressional districts. Ivanka also refrained from posting on her Instagram page for two weeks in August, likely while the family was enjoying a vacation. Even if a person voted against both, they still had the opportunity to choose between the two. A court in Pennsylvania on Thursday said Trump campaign observers could stand closer to watch ballot processing in Philadelphia — a relatively inconsequential ruling that Trump campaign associates quickly touted as being a massive win, as votes are still being counted there that could decide the state.