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The court documents say MS-13 is a violent criminal gang founded in Los Angeles, California, and now active in El Salvador, Central America, Mexico and numerous states across the United States, including New Jersey. Besides legalizing marijuana, the proposition would set up a pathway to strike prior convictions for marijuana from criminal records and includes a provision for home growers. A similar provision failed in 2016 by less than 3 points, but this time around, polling consistently found majority support. After separating from his crew, he found himself stranded in Greenland with one companion, Iver Iversen (Joe Cole). An October Monmouth University poll found 56% support for Proposition 207 among registered voters, and 36% opposition. Among likely and active Montana voters, 49% support legalization while 39% oppose it, according to a Montana State University poll released in October. Meta joins numerous state and city governments, along with a growing list of colleges and university and smaller employers who have made the booster mandatory for a return to the workplace. So there have been fewer strikes this year. Cancun’s airport is one of the busiest in the Caribbean, with 3 terminals handling over 21 million passengers a year. The Skyscanner site lets you check live flight information on Newark and other airport departures.

Ahead of Arizona’s vote to legalize recreational marijuana use, Julie Gunnigle, the Democratic candidate for Maricopa County attorney, said passage would be a powerful bellwether for other parts of the country. Bush in that state in part because he and Bush were in a three-way race that included Ross Perot, an independent candidate for the presidency. But I couldn’t help thinking, home-town-centrically, of all the retired public-sector employees I’d met in Latitude Margaritaville from high-tax blue states who’d got their pensions, which were funded (or underfunded) by those high taxes, and had withdrawn to this low-tax red state. But organizers — facing the challenges of expanded mail-in voting in the state due to Covid-19 — said they had to help voters, some new to the mail-in-ballot process, find the question on the ballot itself. Biden’s advisers have mounted an aggressive behind-the-scenes push to get his supporters — and, even more importantly, Republicans, including those with whom he worked in the Senate — to help validate the sanctity of the election. The momentum has continued to steadily shift in Biden’s favor as officials across the country have counted the hundreds of thousands of vote-by-mail ballots. The county will report additional votes twice a day until the count is complete, and Clark County Registrar of Voters Joe Gloria would not estimate how many more would be counted Friday.

Returns for jerseys with player name and number, vintage jerseys or any other form of personalisation will only be accepted if the personalisation is incorrect. Nevada said it will aim to end state-mandated business capacity restrictions by May 1 in phases, mexico black jersey though local governments can still issue their own restrictions. The speech from the White House briefing room — in which Trump falsely claimed that votes that were cast before and during the election, but counted after Election Day, are illegal votes — could end up being one of the most dangerous presidential statements in American history. Is it the end of the road for legalization via ballot measure? Like Arizona, pre-election polling showed support for legalization. Tara Martin, with NJ CAN 2020, which is leading the campaign in support of the ballot question. Kamala Harris, is expected deliver remarks ahead of Biden, according to a campaign aide. That said, election officials need to be transparent about their process of handling absentee ballots and should be giving regular updates to the public as to how many ballots have been counted, what remains to be counted and from where.

On Thursday night, Trump effectively sent a signal that he has no intention of leaving power without a fight if he ends up losing the election. Trump continued his efforts to undermine democracy on Friday afternoon by falsely suggesting in a statement that there is voter fraud in the election, even though there has been no evidence of that thus far. Plans are being made for Biden to speak Friday night in what aides hoped would be a victory speech. As Grant Brisbee of SBNATION discusses, there are some big games that are played in another country, but it makes it hard for someone to want to tune into a game if a is scheduled to take place at 1:00 in the morning Pacific Standard Time, which for most people is too late. RECIFE, Brazil (AP) – Tim Howard rarely makes it through a game without accepting multiple celebratory embraces from relieved American teammates. No other state has ever completed multiple steps at once. Citing court documents, the DOJ said that between September 2014 and October 2015, Juan Pablo Escalante-Melgar, 32, Elmer Cruz-Diaz, 33, and Oscar Sanchez-Aguilar, 25, took part in MS-13 affairs by committing multiple racketeering offenses including murder, extortion, witness-tampering and drug trafficking.