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In 2016, the breakdown was 64.2% White, 15.7% Hispanic and 13.4% Black. As for registered voters by race, this time around 61.5% are White, 17.3% are Hispanic and 13.4% are Black. In another video, this time for the Fuller Foundation, he said: ‘It’s not all about money. The duo waited for over two hours on a recent rainy Friday so Hodges could not only vote for Biden, but register as a North Carolina voter for the first time. Biden supporter Bridgette Hodges and her 8-year-old grandchild Sanaa waited in an early voting line for over two hours. Democrats in the state believe it is voters like Hodges who hold the key to a Biden victory. The state played a central role in Trump’s victory in 2016, with rural and working class voters leading the rejection of Democrats throughout the Upper Midwest. The crisis has sparked weeks of bitter political debate inside the U.S., with the administration saying crime is driving migrants north from Central America and congressional Republicans saying Obama’s policies is leading migrants to believe children and their mothers will be allowed to stay. Republicans oppose ending the public health order that the Department of Homeland Security has used to turn migrants back around when they reach the Southern border.

Extending the window for when absentee ballots can be received after Election Day in order to still be counted were also welcome developments to the Democrats in this state. Voting yes were 45 Democrats and 221 Republicans. Early voting begins in Hawaii, Louisiana, Utah and Wisconsin. Early voting begins in West Virginia. Nevada opened early in-person voting on Saturday with more than 17,800 voters casting their ballots in Clark County, which houses Las Vegas. But turnout was down among reliable Democratic voters and up with voters in Eastern and Western reaches of the state, delivering Trump the win. Biden continues to demonstrate real strength with suburban voters, independent voters, women, seniors, White college-educated voters and voters of color and even has a decent foothold with White non-college-educated voters. If Trump is to have a successful reelection effort, it has to start with running the table with all of them and then still finding at least 22 electoral votes currently leaning toward Biden and bringing them back into his fold.

When you add in the 66 electoral votes that are leaning in his direction, it brings his total to 269 electoral votes — just 1 away from winning the presidency. When you combine that base of solid states with the additional 44 electoral votes that are currently leaning in his direction, it brings Trump’s total to 169 electoral votes — 101 votes away from reelection. When you combine that base of solid states with the additional 38 electoral votes from Texas that are currently leaning in his direction, it brings Trump’s total to 163 electoral votes — 107 away from reelection. Since our last Electoral College outlook, there have been no fewer than eight polls that meet CNN’s reporting standards out of Pennsylvania — a critical battleground state for either candidate’s path to 270 electoral votes. Last summer, they split after Scott was seen getting affectionate with his ex Chloe Bartoli.

The west coast has been a story of California getting almost all the games but even then, it hasn’t been that many. Joining Sinema in co-sponsoring the bill are Democratic Senators Mark Kelly of Arizona and Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire – both of whom face tough re-election campaigns – and Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Jon Tester of Montana, Axios reported. As always, we base this outlook on public and private polling, the strategic bets the campaigns are making with tens of millions of advertising dollars, where Trump and Biden and their top-level surrogates are spending the bulk of their virtual and in-person time, and on conversations with state-based and national political operatives, elected officials and advisers to both campaigns. Pennsylvania has been a prime target for both campaigns this cycle, with Biden spending $48 million in the Keystone State compared with $21 million for the Trump effort. While Plyler left his presidential vote blank in 2016, he has decided to vote for Biden four years later. While the Trump campaign is off the air in Iowa, the Biden campaign is spending $565,000 there this week.

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