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For professional baseball, March is the time of the year spring training starts and owners were still hesitant about this time period. Because of this feedback, March was selected which led to a few more challenges. This led to some challenges when Cuba was denied by the United States Treasury Department to participate in the tournament. They later granted Cuba exemption, however they had to forgo any financial gain. For example, the United States citizens were permitted to travel to Cuba, however direct commercial flights to Cuba were not available. For starters, the United States team not only struggles with getting all-star players on their rosters but they have been winless until the 2017 World Baseball Classic. Another example Jason mentions, is when sales for licensed merchandise sold well at the World Baseball Classic championship game even though the United States team did not make it. Even though Taco Bell was an unofficial sponsor their advertising efforts on ESPN. AT&T bought a sponsor patch for the Mexico jerseys, as did T-Mobile for the Puerto Rico jerseys.

It most recently had the Lorena Ochoa Match Play in 2017 in Mexico. For both baseball leagues this is when postseason play begins. For example, baseball is very popular in Japan and Korea. For example, Adrian Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Dodgers competed in the World Baseball Classic representing Mexico. A few corporate sponsors the World Baseball Classic used to leverage their brand are MasterCard, Konami, Anheuser-Busch, Gatorade, mexico soccer jersey 2021 and the MBNA. Jason Lee also touches on how the selling of licensed merchandise in other countries has made it difficult to expand the World Baseball Classic brand. Another challenge that the World Baseball Classic is facing is that many of their games start in the middle of night because of the different time zones. The World Baseball Classic is fairly new and has had to endure their own problems and challenges, however I can only see this brand getting bigger and better in the future. To fix these problems, the World Baseball Classic decided to make sure the tournament started at a time when none of the professional leagues were in season. Learning this, when it came to the brand strategy they had to make sure not enforce what they wanted to do on every team internationally.

By doing so they found a way to make their presence in other countries. Another important aspect to their strategy is how they found a way to leverage off of licensed merchandise. As Jason Lee stated in our text, “Establishing permanent offices has helped officials understand the unique legal and cultural expectations in different countries particularly for sponsorships and merchandise sales” (Lee, 2010). Being mindful of the cultural differences we have, when developing the World Baseball Classic, Major League Baseball understood that all sponsorships need to be customized for each country. With more players being signed by Major League Baseball teams from other countries, this has opened the door to have the merchandise of these athletes be sold at retail stores in their countries as well. But they’re not even the Little League World Series” (Daniels, 2017). It is not a good look for your brand when you have one of MLB’s star players complaining to the media. Their fans are even more supportive.

Considering the much higher percentages of people using Instagram, Messenger and Facebook compared to VR, the move also seems to acknowledge that avatars may not even necessarily be incentives to get a VR headset at the moment. That’s middle of the pack compared with other major cable providers. Jason Lee discusses in our text that many of the owners for Major League Baseball. It is a challenge for Major League Baseball to sell their product in these countries because they have extensive baseball leagues and have already established a baseball culture so their products and services are not necessary. The purpose of this tournament was to have the best players from around the world compete on a global stage in the sport of baseball. They’re trying to be the World Cup. You took us to the top of the world. The amount of revenue generated from these sales was equivalent to the sales made during a World Series game. The sales at this game generated $10 per a cap and there were 42,696 attendees. Also, to address the concerns about players risking injury by participating, they enforced a rule for pitchers limiting the amount of times a pitcher can throw in a game.